Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Equine Management

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The Equine Management specialty in the MBA provides an educational experience preparing students to participate effectively, professionally, and ethically within the equine industry. The program will provide authentic experiences through hands-on applied skills and industry involvement, interdisciplinary learning experiences, exploration of the human/equine bond, creative and professional development, and technological competency.

Student Learning Outcomes of Program

  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge and application of proper management of the domestic horse.
  • Students will demonstrate written and oral communication skills appropriate for the equine industry.
  • Students will demonstrate decision-making and personal conduct consistent with best practices in the equine industry.
  • Students will demonstrate success at team activities by contributing equally in a team project, communicating with peers, and demonstrating a team attitude.

* If the applicant’s degree is not in the area of business, the student must have successfully completed BUSM 501 Foundations of Graduate Business within the first term of enrollment in the MBA program.



General Education Hours - 0

Elective Hours - 0

Total Hours to Complete - 33

Last updated: 10/27/2020