Associate of Science in Nursing (ADN)

The Associate of Science degree in Nursing is designed to prepare students for a career as registered nurses (RN) and also qualifies those graduates for admission into a RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The curriculum for the ADN major consists of both classroom and clinical instruction. The ADN student will participate in supervised clinical experiences both in the lab setting and in several health care agencies in Kentucky. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN).

The Nursing courses must be taken in the following sequence: NSG 115, (For TRD: NSG 125, NSG 130) (For EON: NSG 130, NSG 125), NSG 212, NSG 215, NSG 225, NSG 230. A minimum grade of C must be earned in each before progressing to the next level.

Students will be required to take nationally normed assessments, Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), throughout the curriculum. The focus of ATI assessment and remediation programs is to supplement course work and enhances preparation to pass the NCLEX-RN.

Admission to the program is selective. The Midway University student desiring to enter a career in Nursing should be aware that a certain educational background or preparation is important to assure admission to the Nursing program. Applications for admission are received in the Nursing office during the spring semester for possible admission to the fall semester.

Student Learning Outcomes of Program

  • Demonstrate competency in knowledge of nursing and clinical skills necessary to provide safe, competent nursing care.
  • Establish effective communication, both in speaking and writing.
  • Demonstrate professionalism at all times.
  • Develop leadership skills that include caring, compassion and responsibility.
  • Utilize current evidence-based research in the provision of nursing care.
  • Demonstrate interprofessional collaboration in delivering care to diverse and complex clients and families.
  • Provide teaching about medications and health promotion and illness prevention to diverse and complex clients and families.
  • Develop and present a capstone project (poster presentation) utilizing specific healthcare models for a complex situation.

Program Admission Requirements

For acceptance into the ADN program the student must:

  1. Complete a separate application specifically for admission to the nursing program. Admission to Midway University does not guarantee admission to the Associate Degree Nursing program. Application for the Associate Degree Nursing program will be sent to the student via DocuSign. For new EON students, this will be sent to them by their Admission counselor. For TRD transfer students the application will be sent by their Admission Counselor. For current students that are now ready to apply, this will be sent by the nursing office.
  2. Submit official high school transcripts or GED score.  Transfer students with more than 24 transferable hours do not need to submit a high school transcript.
  3. Submit official college or university transcripts from a regionally accredited educational institution.
  4. Cumulative GPA of 3.0. (A student applying for readmission to the Nursing program must meet the most current admission criteria for the University and the Nursing program and achieve a Midway University GPA of 2.5).
  5. An ACT score of 21 or equivalent SAT score. Students with an earned associate, baccalaureate, and or master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution are exempt from taking the ACT. For Fall 2021 Applicants: The TEAS test will be replacing ACT requirement. A minimum score of 60 must be obtained on the TEAS Test in order to apply. The TEAS test may only be taken a maximum of three (3) times and scores are only valid for 24 months.

    For more information on TEAS, registration options and fees, and test prep recommendations:,entering%20the%20health%20science%20fields.&text=Questions%20are%20designed%20to%20test,and%20English%20and%20Language%20Usage

  6. Two years of high school algebra or one intermediate college algebra course with a grade of C or better.
  7. Submit the following: evidence of immunizations or titer showing immunity for measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), Hepatitis B or waiver, Tdap; Varicella; Influenza; current negative tuberculin skin test or T-spot; current American Heart Association BLS certification; letter from health insurance company with evidence of health insurance prior to beginning clinical rotations to meet the health criteria of clinical facilities.
  8. Students must have earned sufficient number of general education credit hours (minimum 12 credit hours and must include ENG 101, ENG 102 and BIO 190/191). Note that BIO 190/191, BIO 198/199, and BIO 225/226 must have been taken 5 years or less prior to admission to nursing program
  9. Current Kentucky Medicaid Nurse Aide Certification SRNA (CNA), Certified Medical Assistant Certification (CMA), or Registered Medical Assistant (RMA);
  10. LPN-RN Bridge: Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who graduated from a regionally accredited institution within the last five (5) years may be awarded nine (9) credit hours (must be approved by the Dean). The LPN must meet all admission criteria and additional criteria below:
    1. Successful completion of ENG 101, ENG 102, PSY/EDU 260, BIO 190/191, and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 for 12 credit hours with no grade below a C. Note that BIO 190/191, BIO 198/199, and BIO 225/226 must have been taken 5 years or less prior to admission to  nursing program;
    2. Proof of an active Kentucky or compact state LPN license and transcript from a regionally accredited LPN school;
    3. Documentation of the above may result in a waiver of NSG 115 (must be approved by Dean)
  11. Failure of a required non-nursing course for the second time will be reviewed individually and may preclude the student from being admitted/re-admitted to the Nursing program.

Eligibility to sit for the NCLEX-RN is determined by the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Individuals with criminal convictions within the last five (5) years may not be eligible. For more information, contact the Kentucky Board of Nursing.

Students who successfully complete the associate degree in Nursing and pass the NCLEX-RN may have a seamless transition into the RN-BSN Program.


General Education Hours - 19

Elective Hours - 0

Total Hours to Complete - 64

Last updated: 01/15/2021