Bachelor of Science in Accounting

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Midway University's Bachelor of Science in Accounting is designed to prepare learners for positions in the fast growing and challenging field of accounting. Kentucky, along with most other states, requires candidates who sit for the CPA exam to have completed 150 hours of course work including a baccalaureate degree and 27 hours of accounting specific courses.

Student Learning Outcomes of Program

  • Integrate people, processes, and resources to achieve organizational goals;
  • Describe, explain, and apply fundamental concepts and relationships underlying accounting; 
  • Select and use appropriate resources to acquire, analyze, and synthesize financial data for operational and strategic decision-making; 
  • Apply quantitative skills to analyze and solve business problems and discover oppurtunities; 
  • Communicate clearly and concisely verbally and/or in writing; 
  • Apply information technology and use the information to support financial decision-making. 



General Education Hours - 34-40

Elective Hours - 14-20

Total Hours to Complete - 120

Last updated: 06/28/2021