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Majors and Minors

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This course examines principles of financial accounting. Course topics includes the steps of the account cycle, the preparation of financial statements for service and merchandising firms, and the proper accounting for assets and liabilities.

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This course examines additional financial statement topics as well as accounting for internal use. Emphasis will be placed on the interpretation of financial data for managerial use in assessing financial position, decision making and planning. Prerequisite: ACC 210.

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This is the first half of a two-semester sequence of courses providing the student with a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of current financial accounting principles and procedures. This course covers construction of all major financial statements, basic principles underlying all statements, and a detailed review of all major asset accounts. Prerequisite: ACC 215.

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This second half of intermediate accounting principles covers topics such as investments, bonds, income tax accounting, leases and pensions, corporate accounting, accounting changes and errors and the statement of cash flows. Prerequisite: ACC 370.

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This course is a study of the function of cost accounting in the management process and survey of the composition and behavior of manufacturing costs. Course will include study of process costing, job order costing, standard costing, variance analysis, budgeting and capital acquisition analysis. Prerequisite: ACC 215.

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This course is the study of income tax law focusing on individuals and property transactions. Emphasis placed on reporting techniques including preparation of tax returns and related schedules.

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Continuation of Federal Tax I involving comprehensive study of advanced topics related to C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, and Estates and Trusts. Course includes tax research. Prerequisite: ACC 408.

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This course examines the auditing environment including legal and ethical considerations in the rendering of financial statement opinions; the independent audit process, internal controls, the planning process and statistical sampling. Prerequisite: ACC 371.

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This course explores accounting for mergers, acquisitions, combinations, preparation of consolidated work papers and financial statements, partnerships, fiduciary and fund accounting, and other advanced topics. Prerequisite: ACC 371.

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This course is a study of the Accounting Information Systems (AIS). AIS is a set of interrelated activities, documents, and technologies designed to collect data, process it and report information to a diverse group of internal and external decision makers in organizations.

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The senior project is the culmination of a students’ undergraduate education, integrating a liberal arts education with competency in accounting. The nature of the course varies with the student’s choice of project.

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