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Computer Science

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Majors and Minors

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This course provides a broad overview of the computing field and helps students explore the vast array of professional paths that the Computer Science major prepares them for.

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This is an introduction to object-oriented programming languages. Students will be exposed to programming concepts, data structure and algorithmic processes.

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This course introduces advanced programming concepts, efficient problem solving, and further develops algorithmic design.

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This course examines the theory and architecture of databases. Students will learn to model data, design databases, and write and execute queries.

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This course addresses the design of interactive applications by applying a user-centered design cycle. The goal of this class is to focus students’ attention on usability and relevant user experience when building and creating applications.

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Students will focus on hardware and operating systems for computing platforms in this course. They will study the fundamentals of hardware and software and how they integrate to form the essential components of an IT system.

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Students will focus on network standards, components and requirements of network protocols within a distributed computing setting.

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Cybersecurity is one of the most important areas of technology management. Being able to keep an organization’s data secure is a top priority for many technology professionals. This course will explore concepts implementation, operation, analysis and testing of the security of computer technologies.

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This course is designed to present students with new technologies that are gaining importance. The topics of this course can change over course offerings. This course, with a different topic, may be repeated.

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Technology is on the go. No longer do we sit tethered to a desk to use a computer or access information. This course helps students gain the skills needed to create web-based and mobile applications

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This course is an integrative project where students are exposed to a challenging problem. The students will model the problem, propose possible solutions then build a solution. Students will work on aspects of this course individually and other parts will be team project based.

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Internship courses allow practical application of classroom knowledge and intentional development of skills applicable to the student’s professional growth. This experience focuses on the combination and integration of various concepts by applying them to the analysis and solution of problems viewed in the context of  marketing  studies. The internship experience requires 135 hours of relevant field work at the internship site in addition to scheduled class meetings. Students will be under the supervision of faculty and site supervisors. Students will gain practical hands-on experience, enhance skills learned in the classroom and acquire contacts with professionals in the field. Students will be expected to complete reflections and demonstrate learning through a final project or presentation.

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Last updated: 08/09/2022