Bachelor of Arts in English

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The study of English, with its focus on critical thinking, reading, and writing in response to various texts, prepares students for further graduate or professional study in English or other fields, including law school, as well as for the demands of the contemporary workplace. English majors can assimilate and synthesize information from multiple points of view, research across disciplines, critically examine information and opinion, and write clearly and effectively -- skills requisite for both continuing study and the demands of employers. Employers can be confident that graduates will identify connections between their studies and the world at large, make inferences, draw conclusions, and anticipate consequences for the future. The major is designed to allow students flexibility in designing a program to meet their future needs with emphasis on careers in teaching, graduate school, creative or professional writing, editing and publishing, and law school.

Student Learning Outcomes of Program

  • Demonstrate reading competence in British, American, and world literature.
  • Identify major literary periods and movements.
  • Analyze and evaluate texts in all genres.
  • Place texts in relation to key historical events and movements.
  • Produce scholarly research within and across disciplines.
  • Identify and practice various critical approaches to literature.
  • Relate the history of the English language and describe its linguistic features.
  • Write accurate, clear, correct prose in styles suited to various audiences.
  • Relate the above knowledge and skills to the contemporary world.



General Education Hours - 34-40

Elective Hours - 26-32

Total Hours to Complete - 120

Last updated: 09/02/2021