English as a Second Language (ESL)

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The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Midway University offers two distinct courses of study in English language instruction for students who:

  • Want to prepare themselves to enter an American university
  • Are professionals who wish to improve specialized areas of proficiency
  • Simply want to learn or improve their English

The courses of study are the following:

ESL for General Audiences

This course of study is for students who wish to learn, practice, or improve their English language skills. Students will learn the important foundations of the English language and practice conversational language and skills. Topics include Writing, Listening/Speaking, Reading, and Grammar. The program length can vary from 3-8-weeks depending on the needs of the cohort. Also included are cultural excursions.

For the two courses of study, students’ English proficiency levels will be assessed upon arrival to the University in order to determine proper placement into the course of study. The test will be administered three times per academic year, at the beginning of the summer, fall, and spring terms. Successful completion of the course of study will be determined by the students’ TOEFL score. 

Admission to ESL for General Audiences

Students who wish to enter this course of study must apply to the Midway University Office of Admissions. The completed packet must include:

  • ESL for General Audiences application for admission
  • Financial guarantee information. United States immigration regulations require that students demonstrate their ability to finance the first year of education before receiving the I-20 AB form. The financial information form must be included with required documentation (bank statements, etc.).

After all the documents are received, the Office of Admissions will make its decision and send the I-20 AB form so that the student can apply for the F1 visa. 

Admission to any of the courses of study within the ESL program does not include admission to Midway University to pursue a degree program. Students who wish to enter the University to pursue a degree program must apply separately to the Office of Admissions and present a qualifying TOEFL or IELTS score. Students who complete the College Readiness Program (CRP) and wish to apply to Midway University must also obtain the recommendation of the ESL Program Coordinator.

Last updated: 06/28/2021