Pediatric Nursing

This course is designed to further develop students' theoretical knowledge and clinical application of the nursing process as it applies to safe, evidence-based care of pediatric clients and their families. Foci include: concepts of growth and development, weight-based medication administration, pediatric abuse and trauma, as well as health promotion, disease prevention, and disease processes specific to the pediatric population. Three (3) hours of theory, eight (8) hours of clinical, and one (1) hour of skills lab are required per week. Prerequisite: NSG 235 Health Assessment, NSG 250 Pathopharmacology II, NSG 255 Principles of Teaching and Learning, NSG 345 Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing II.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credit hours: 6
Lecture hours: 3
Lab hours: 1
Practicum/Clinical/Studio/Student Teaching/Field Work/Internship hours: 8 per week


  • NSG 235 - Health Assessment
  • NSG 250 - Pathopharmacology II
  • NSG 255 - Principles of Teaching and Learning
  • NSG 345 - Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing II

Last updated: 06/28/2021