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Bachelor of Science in Public Health

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The Bachelor of Science in Public Health program prepares students for a public health career and/or graduate public health program. The curriculum prepares students to work within and communicate with diverse communities including global populations. Students have access to a curriculum that focuses on the core disciplines of public health including biostatistics, health behavior, global health, environmental health, and epidemiology.  The courses will specifically focus on community health, research, disaster preparedness, and health communication.

Student Learning Outcomes of Program: 

  • Apply knowledge of history, theory, and practice to promote prevention and wellness 
  • Apply public health strategies to improve health, safety and quality of life 
  • Analyze the effectiveness of varied health public programs 
  • Distinguish health disparities and promote social justice 
  • Formulate global, social and ethical responsibility in public health decisions 
  • Design communication strategies that promote public health campaigns 
  • Utilize ethical considerations working with diverse populations  
  • Identify, interpret, and evaluate, public health information, data, and evidence


General Education Hours - 37

Elective Hours - 12

Total Hours to Complete - 120

Last updated: 05/17/2023