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This course is an analysis of effective management strategies and the body of knowledge associated with pursuing a career in sport management. The course introduces the student to sport management career opportunities in the sport industry and to sport principles as they apply to management, leadership style, communication, and motivation.

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This course is designed to assist students in the development of an understanding of sport from a sociological perspective. Major issues and controversies of sport in society will be examined. Topics include the role of research and theory, sport socialization, youth sport, amateur sport, sport and the economy, sport and media, and sport and politics. Students will be asked to think critically about sport as a part of social life.

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This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the theoretical structure that underlies psychology as it has been applied to sport. There will be a particular emphasis on the psychological concerns that confront coaches, physical educators, organizations, athletes, and teams.

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This course is designed to introduce sport management students to the principles of interpersonal communication, mass communication, and interaction with the public as they relate to the sport industry. Students will learn the concepts and practices of sports communication through class lectures, writing assignments, case studies, and projects. The course will study the role of communications in management, both internal and external, to the sport industry and discuss news release writing and working with and utilizing the various forms of media.

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This course is designed to assist students in developing an understanding of the importance of financial management principles in the administration of sports, recreation, and athletic programs. Focus will be placed on sound financial budgeting, financial analysis, and sources of revenue and expenses for sport organizations.

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This course is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge about the legal system as it pertains to sport law. The course will include legal basics, including contract law principles, general tort theories, general criminal law principles, fundamentals of Title IX, relevant disability related statutes, constitutional frameworks related to the regulation of drugs in sport, international sport legal issues, antitrust issues, labor issues, intellectual property issues, and religious issues related to sport. The student’s understanding of the basic legal concepts concerning both contract law and tort law in sport will provide a sound foundation to recognize legal liability exposure in the sport workplace.

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This course emphasizes the management and leadership principles related to the business of sports. It includes personnel, programs, marketing, media, financial management, and an overview of career opportunities in this rapidly expanding field. Elements of leadership theory and practices relating to managerial responsibilities are also covered.

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This course is designed to assist students in applying fundamental marketing concepts to the sport industry and developing a conceptual understanding of sport marketing principles, sport marketing applications, product and service analyses, corporate sponsorships, sport marketing plans, and the use of case analysis to critically evaluate and solve sport marketing problems. Students will work individually on class projects as well as work with groups of their peers on out-of-class assignments. A portion of the course will include research and presentation of case studies.

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The purpose of this course is to provide students with a broad understanding of the planning and management of sport facilities. The course will focus on elements of planning, design, and management, while examining functions related to maintenance, security, operations, and evaluation.

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The purpose of this course is for the students to apply principles of organizational leadership and management as they relate to event planning in sport management. The class culminates in the administration of a professional event utilizing skills developed in the curriculum.

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Internship courses allow practical application of classroom knowledge and intentional development of skills applicable to the student's professional growth. This experience focuses on the combination and integration of various concepts by applying them to the analysis and solution of problems viewed in the context of marketing studies. The internship experience requires 135 hours of relevant field work at the internship site in addition to scheduled class meetings. Students will be under the supervision of faculty and site supervisors. Student will gain practical hands-on experience, enhance skills learned in the classroom, and acquire contacts with professionals in the field. Students will be expected to complete reflections and demonstrate learning through a final paper or project. Internship courses are graded as pass/fail.

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This course is designed to provide a student with a wide variety of understanding using terminology in sports management. Different materials will be offered each term so the course may be repeated for credit if the course material is different.

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This course provides an overview of general sport business practices, including entity formation, insurance, taxes, accounting, and contracts and negotiations. Students will explore the theories of negotiation and strategy in developing solution-oriented processes for achieving results in the sports business. Students will investigate the relationships among organizations, sponsors, vendors, and distribution outlets. Students will also explore a variety of topics including content creation, conflict and dispute resolution and remedy, theoretical processes and strategies, creativity in contract writing, and enforcement of terms.

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This course provides the student with a practical background regarding the principles of financial management, economic theory, and financial systems for the purpose of planning, administering, reporting, and evaluating financial performance in sport-related industries.

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This course will provide an intensive evaluation of marketing techniques and promotional strategies. Topics will include the marketing mix, new product strategy, services, interactive promotion, event marketing, and value-added marketing.

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This course will examine theories and patterns of organizational behavior with particular emphasis on the needs and attributes of a diverse workforce.

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This course emphasizes the improvement of personal effectiveness in the work environment for sport managers. Students will develop observational skills needed for the sport industry by thinking critically, solving problems, and applying various change models. Sport management articles will be analyzed and critiqued. The course prepares students to market their skills to the sport industry.

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