Internship courses allow practical application of classroom knowledge and intentional development of skills applicable to the student's professional growth. This experience focuses on the combination and integration of various concepts by applying them to the analysis and solution of problems viewed in the context of marketing studies. The internship experience requires 135 hours of relevant field work at the internship site in addition to scheduled class meetings. Students will be under the supervision of faculty and site supervisors. Student will gain practical hands-on experience, enhance skills learned in the classroom, and acquire contacts with professionals in the field. Students will be expected to complete reflections and demonstrate learning through a final paper or project. Internship courses are graded as pass/fail.

Grade Basis: Pass/Fail
Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 0
Practicum/Clinical/Studio/Student Teaching/Field Work/Internship hours: 135

Last updated: 06/28/2021