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Student Affairs

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An education at Midway University is not limited to the classroom or the lab. A significant part of a student’s education and growth stems from the development of strong interpersonal relationships and participation in a variety of extracurricular activities and programs. Student Affairs is responsible for residence life, student health services, non-academic student discipline, student support, disability support services, student activities, clubs and organizations, study abroad, orientation, campus ministry, community service, and student government.

Residence Life

Students can choose to live in one of three residence halls, Buster, Belle Wisdom, and Pinkerton Halls or one of three campus houses. The residence life program is designed to provide a smoke- and drug-free living-learning environment which contributes to the holistic development of students. Resident students are expected to abide by all residence hall and general University policies described in this catalog, the residence hall contract, and the Student Handbook. Policies governing residence life are in accordance with the overall philosophy of Student Affairs and are congruent with the mission of the institution to ensure the safety and health of residents. Wellness, educational, and social programming is conducted on a regular basis. Midway University does not provide family housing.

Buster Hall, built in 1925, is a four-story building which houses 73 residence hall rooms. All the rooms are approximately the same size, with two large windows, ceiling fans, and hardwood floors. Buster Hall was renovated in 2021 to convert community bathrooms into pod-style bathrooms on each floor. 

Belle Wisdom Hall was built in 1959. It has three floors and 42 residence hall rooms. Rooms vary in size and are arranged in suites with shared bathrooms.

Library Hall  on the second floor of Little Memorial Library (built in 1997) was converted into residential space in 2023 and is now called Library Hall. The hall can currently accommodate 43 students and includes a common breakroom, lounge, and a private study room.  The renovation of this building was made possible by a gift from Midway University Trustee Janet Green Hunter and her husband, Richard. 

Pinkerton Hall was rebuilt in 1859 after a fire destroyed the original structure. Pinkerton initially housed all functions of the Kentucky Female Orphan School including housing and classes and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Pinkerton was renovated in 2019 to return the building to a residential facility. The rooms vary in size and have pod-style bathrooms that offer private bathrooms on each floor.

Each residence hall at Midway University contains a laundry facility, a microwave, and a common lounge. Rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, dressers, desks, desk chairs, and internet access. All buildings have both triple and double occupancy rooms and Pinkerton has quadruple occupancy in large corner rooms. Each resident is responsible for his or her own room and agrees to accept responsibility for any damage to the room or its furnishings during the contractual period.

Residence Requirement

All full-time undergraduate students under the age of twenty-one (21) who have completed fewer than four (4) academic semesters at Midway University are required to live on-campus and subscribe to a residential dining plan.

Housing Exemption

The University may grant exemptions to the on-campus residency requirement based upon the following criteria:

  • Students who turn the age of twenty-one (21) prior to the first day of classes of term in which exemption is requested
  • Students who are married
  • Students who have dependent children
  • Students who plan to reside with parent(s) or a legal guardian within a fifty (50) mile radius of campus
  • Students who are registered for less than twelve (12) credit hours

Any student who meets one or more of the exemption criteria is eligible to submit a Housing Exemption Request Form. Students will be notified through their Midway University student email within five (5) business days regarding the status of their exemption request.

Please note that your scholarship and financial aid package may impact your eligibility to live off-campus as certain types of institutional scholarships and financial aid require recipients to live on-campus. It is recommended that you speak with Financial Aid to confirm if your aid package would be impacted by moving off campus PRIOR to submitting a Housing Exemption Request Form.

Deadlines for Housing Exemption Requests

All housing exemption requests must be submitted through the Midway University eRezLife housing platform by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Term – June 1
  • Spring Term – December 1

Housing exemption requests submitted through email or written declaration will not be reviewed. Any housing exemption request submitted past the deadline will be reviewed at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life.

Students over the age of 23 years must receive special permission from the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students to live in the residence halls. The cost for living in University housing is listed in the University’s catalog at Tuition and Fees.

Housing Agreement

The housing agreement is a binding agreement between Midway University and the student and/or parent or legal guardian. The agreement covers the full academic year, or that portion of the year remaining at the time the housing assignment is made. The student agrees to pay all housing fees and all board fees as set forth by Midway University each academic year. Cancellation of this agreement may be made only in case of withdrawal from the University, graduation, dismissal, marriage, or exemption approved by the Director of Residence Life. The University does not provide room and board services under this contract during break periods, as outlined in the Student Handbook. Students may leave personal property, at their own risk, in their assigned rooms during certain break and holiday periods. The University is not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or damaged during the calendar year, including break periods. The student agrees to vacate their assigned room and leave it in a clean and orderly manner within 24 hours of graduation, withdrawal, or dismissal from Midway University, or at the end of the academic year.

Housing Deposit

A $150 housing deposit is required each academic year for both new and returning students who would like to live on campus.  Housing deposits are held until the end of the academic year, at which time they will be applied to the account balance, forfeited, or refunded based on the following criteria.  If the student does not attend Midway University or withdraws before the 10th day of class, the housing deposit is forfeited.  If a student chooses to live off campus at any time before or during the academic year, the housing deposit will be forfeited as space has been reserved for that student.  If the student is encouraged or made to live off campus by Midway University, the housing deposit will be applied to the student’s account at the end of the academic year.  If a deposit is not forfeited, after the end of the spring semester, it will first be applied to the student’s account balance, and any excess funds will be refunded to the student.

Room Assignments

The Residence Life team makes room assignments each summer with consideration of space, information on the housing application, and specific reasonable requests of the student. Both the Housing Application and Tuition Deposit must be paid prior to being placed in housing. Assignments for new students are generally available by mid-July and notification will come to the student’s Midway University email address. Returning students are given priority when rooms are assigned for the following academic year.  New students are assigned to housing based on a priority matrix that assigns students from outside of Woodford and surrounding counties by deposit date followed by local students by deposit date. The University cannot guarantee that special requests will be granted. The University is committed to a policy of non-discrimination. All housing assignments are made in compliance with the law.

The University reserves the right to authorize or deny all requests for changes of room or roommate, to consolidate vacancies, or to charge additional fees based upon lowered occupancy of rooms. The University may modify room assignments for disciplinary reasons, catastrophe, and incompatibility of roommates. The University also reserves the right to cancel or terminate the housing agreement for disciplinary reasons.

Food Services

All students living in University housing are required to purchase a meal plan. Rates are subject to change at any time prior to the beginning of the academic year.

All students living in Midway owned or controlled housing are required to enroll in a meal plan when applying for campus housing. Students may change their enrolled plan through the first week of the semester. After that point, students will be locked into their chosen plan and will not be able to adjust their selection until the following semester. Residential students wishing to change or modify their meal plans can do so in the Student Affairs Office.

Commuter students may add the commuter plan at any point. The commuter plan rolls over from fall to spring semesters but expires at the end of the spring semester. Faculty and staff may also purchase this plan. Commuter meal plans may be purchased in the Business Office.

Any faculty, staff or student may add Dining Dollars at any point during the year. Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring semesters but expire at the end of the spring semester. Dining Dollars may be added in the Business Office.

Campus Security

Campus Security officers patrol the Midway campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the officers carry a cell phone to be accessible to campus community members 24 hours a day if services are needed or in the event of an emergency. Security may be reached at 859-846-5499 from a campus phone. When calling for assistance, the caller should clearly state the nature of the problem and its location.

Security measures are only as effective as individuals on campus choose to make them. Students are encouraged to use sound judgment at all times. All residence halls are under a 24-hour locked condition. Only students who live in the building and staff members with a work-related need have keys to each building. Other campus buildings have controlled access at night and on weekends. Occupants of the residence halls must ensure that outside doors are closed and securely locked at all times.

While there are certain offices that focus specifically on keeping Midway University a safe place to live and work (Campus Security, Residence Life, the Student Affairs Office, etc.), the responsibility for maintaining a safe community falls to all of its members. The University strongly encourages members of the University community to report all crimes to the appropriate authorities as outlined below.

  • Reports to campus officials will be investigated and, if appropriate, disciplinary charges will be placed and/or the police will be involved. In addition, reports of crimes will be included in the campus crime statistics, even if they do not lead to a formal investigation by the police.
  • If the crime is in progress, the community member should immediately contact one of the following: the police (by calling 911), Campus Security 859-846-5499, or a Residence Life staff member. The decision regarding whom to contact should be based on the intensity of or danger involved in the situation and/or the ease with which one of these authorities can be contacted. If Campus Security or Residence Life staff members are notified prior to the police being called, they will assist the community member with contacting the police and making a report.
  • If the crime is discovered after it has occurred, the community member should contact Campus Security or a Residence Life staff member. The person responding will assist the community member with making a report and connecting with the police, if appropriate and desired.

The Campus Security Daily Crime Log and annual crime and fire statistics can be found on the Midway University website.

Clery Act

In compliance with the Clery Act, the Student Affairs Office compiles crime statistics and publishes an annual security report which may be found at (Annual Security and Fire Safety Report). Copies of the annual security report may also be obtained by contacting the Student Affairs Office. The campus crime log that lists incidents that present a safety or security threat to students or employees is available upon request in Campus Security. Items are added to the crime log within 24 hours after the incident is reported to Campus Security.

Automobiles and Parking

All Midway University students are allowed to have automobiles on campus. Students must register their vehicles with Campus Security and pick up their free valid registration permits. Students are allowed to keep the same parking pass for several years. Lots for student parking are designated on campus and parking information is available on the Campus Security Portal under parking policy. Students who violate parking regulations will be subject to ticketing. 

Student Health Services

Midway University, in partnership with Baptist Health, provides access to services to address medical needs for Midway students, faculty and staff. The Health Clinic is staffed by clinicians who can professionally diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications as needed. Our range of services includes exams, diagnosis and treatment of common ailments, allergy injections, flu shots, preventative education, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing. Appointments are required. Some walk-in appointments may be available. Telehealth appointments are available outside of posted clinic hours. 

Baptist Health files claims with most insurance carriers. Students are responsible for co-pays and/or deductibles for services provided by the  clinic. For a listing of current insurances accepted please contact Student Affairs or Human Resources.

The Clinic operating hours are located here.

Students with chronic medical conditions are encouraged to identify a medical provider in the surrounding community to assist in monitoring their conditions.

If you need assistance in identifying a medical provider in our area, please contact the Student Affairs Office.

Student Health Insurance

All students attending Midway University and taking at least six credit hours per enrollment period are eligible to participate in a voluntary accident and sickness insurance plan. Enrollment materials are available in the Business Office. Premiums are paid directly to the insurer and cannot be added to the student’s account.

All athletes must have insurance in order to participate in any sport, including riding teams. Proof of insurance must be submitted prior to practice or any participation.

Students registering for internships, practicums, clinicals, and student teaching are required to purchase their own health insurance prior to participation in these courses.

Student Development

The Student Affairs staff provides assistance to students and offers programs on a wide variety of personal development issues.  The Student Affairs Office is in McManis Student Center.  Students may either drop in or call extension 5390 for an appointment.

Religious Opportunities

While the University is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), it is fully interdenominational in scope and policy. Participation in religious services and activities at Midway University is voluntary. Midway’s Campus Minister offers a variety of programming throughout the year for interested students. Students may also choose to be involved with religious student organizations such as Midway Students for Christ and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The town of Midway has many churches readily available to students and faculty within walking distance of Midway University. The churches are active and energetic and welcome Midway students. The programs of both the University and the community are such that regular participation is possible.

Technology Services

Midway University provides technology services to all students that include:

  • Email account
  • Student portal which provides detailed campus announcements, news, course registration and grades, and other key information
  • Internet/network connection
  • Wireless service
  • TV services
  • Print/copy accessibility
  • Ellucian Go Mobile App
  • Microsoft Office 365 (including 1 Terabyte of cloud storage)
  • Computer labs and workstations
  • After hours help desk

Student Activities and Organizations

Midway University provides students with many opportunities to become involved in social, recreational, educational, and cultural activities. Annual events include Night of Lights, the Last Supper, Midway Christmas Vespers, and graduation festivities.

Student organizations are intended to stimulate personal growth and development outside the classroom. They provide students with opportunities to supplement academic learning, sharpen leadership skills, and actively participate in the process of planning and organizing programs and events.

The following student organizations are available to Midway University students.

Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD)

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society for first-year student success founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois. Students eligible to join ALD earn a 3.5 grade point average in the first semester or year of college. 

Eagle Outreach

Eagle Outreach is a service-oriented student organization which focuses on identifying the needs of the community and offering community service. This organization works to forge a connection between Midway University and surrounding cities.

Gamma Beta Phi (GBP)

Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honors and service society. With watchwords of service, scholarship, and character, GBP aims to broaden members’ academic and philanthropic lives so that they may graduate, ready to make a difference in the world.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+

LGBT+ provides a safe space for everyone on campus to offer support, information, and resources to campus regarding LGBT+ topics. They look to spread positivity and awareness encouraging campus-wide involvement as a means of inclusion.

Midway Association of Nursing Students

M.A.N.S. is a pre-professional organization of nursing students. The purposes of the organization are to provide support and encouragement for nursing students, and to encourage participation in health-related events at the University. Membership is open to all nursing and pre-nursing students at Midway.

Midway Horse Association

This is an organization that promotes interest in equine-related industries, recreational activities to both equine and non-equine students, and academic and social interaction between students and faculty.

Psychology Club

This organization is designed for psychology majors and minors and other students interested in the behavioral sciences. The club members organize a community service project each semester, participate in regional psychology conferences, and host speakers and informational meetings on behavioral sciences careers.

Student Athletics Board

This represents all students regarding team and athletics issues, goals, and governance. Two representatives from each team are elected by team members to serve on the board. The representatives discuss support for campus events and student issues and action regarding Midway athletics and facilities.

Student Government Association

The Student Affairs staff provides opportunities for students to be involved in making decisions and determining processes, especially in issues pertaining to Student Affairs and to the well-being of the University.

Students are formally represented within the institution through the Student Government Association, whose officers are elected annually by the student body. The Student Affairs staff works with SGA officers to ensure student representation and voice within the institution.

SGA is the organization that serves as an intermediary for the consideration of issues that are of vital interest to students, faculty, and staff. SGA strives to develop principles of democratic self-government while encouraging and promoting cooperation among faculty, staff, administration, and students.  All students enrolled at Midway University are members of SGA. Elections for representative positions are held throughout the year. SGA meetings are held regularly and student attendance is encouraged and welcomed. SGA serves as the "umbrella" association for all student organizations.

Tri-Beta National Biology Honor Society

This is a society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. It also strives to have students gain a greater appreciation of the earth's diverse biological wealth among all people and promote an exchange of ideas and efforts aimed at insuring continued biological diversity and sustainable, healthy, human environments.

Student Honor Code

Midway University is a community of learners that expects integrity and honor from its members. I will show respect for my community by behaving with honesty, integrity and civility. As a responsibility to my Midway University community, I will show respect for:

  • My classmates and faculty by maintaining honesty in my academic work and refraining from cheating.
  • My community and peers by maintaining integrity and honesty in my daily life.
  • Faculty, staff, and members of the administration by maintaining civility and refraining from disruptive and abusive language and behavior.

I will acknowledge responsibility and accept the consequences of my actions. In choosing Midway University, I pledge to uphold the principles of the Honor Code and will cherish and guard its tradition.

Student Conduct

Students at Midway University are considered responsible adults and are expected to maintain standards of conduct appropriate to the University community. Midway University, like other educational institutions, has established regulations for student behavior. The Student Code of Conduct and other important policies are listed in the online Student Handbook.

Midway University supports the rights of its students and has established procedures to ensure the fair and equal treatment of students. The student disciplinary process found in the Student Handbook details the rights of students who have allegedly committed non-academic violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Information regarding academic infractions is in the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.

Required Training Policy

Midway University desires to be a safe campus free from the impact of sexual misconduct and alcohol and drug use. The University also seeks to remain in compliance with all Federal regulations. For these reasons new students will be prompted to complete required training at the start of the semester around issues which may include sexual misconduct, alcohol and/or drug use, or other topics. Students who fail to complete this training by the stated deadline will have a registration hold placed on their account until the training is completed. This hold will prevent registration for future semesters.

Student Grievance and Complaint Procedures

United States Code §1099b(a)(5)(1)(1999) and the United States Department of Education Regulations [34 CFR Ch. VI. 602.26(b)(11.) and July 2002 at 602.16(a)(1)(ix)] requires accrediting agencies to evaluate an institution on specific indicators.  One of those indicators is student complaints.  An institution of higher education must keep a record of student complaints and resolution of complaints.

Included in the Midway University catalog and the Student Handbook are policies and procedures for receipt of and response to student grievances or appeals in a variety of areas; for example, charges of academic dishonesty (Catalog--> Academic Information), grades (Catalog--> Academic Information), administrative withdrawals (suspensions, etc.) (Catalog--> Academic Policies), records content and access (Catalog--> Academic Policies), discrimination and harassment (Student Handbook --> Policy against Discrimination & Harassment), sexual harassment and assault (Student Handbook--> Sexual Misconduct Policy), and disciplinary actions and procedures (Student Handbook --> Student Code of Conduct). These defined procedures should be utilized if they apply to a specific student grievance.

To further clarify where complaints should be made and to whom appeals should be made, Midway University has developed a Student Complaint Matrix. This matrix also shows where records of specific complaints will be retained. The matrix may be found online.

If a grievance is related to an area for which there are no defined procedures, students may take the following steps:

  1. Whenever possible, the aggrieved student should first discuss the matter with the person or persons directly involved in an attempt to resolve the grievance through informal discussion.
  2. If there is no resolution, the aggrieved student should discuss the matter with the supervisor to whom those directly involved report. The supervisor will attempt to mediate an informal resolution.
  3. If there is no resolution, the aggrieved student should write a statement giving all pertinent information, sign and date the statement, and submit it to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, either in person or by mail. An e-mail or a conversation does not constitute the submission of a grievance.
  4. The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students will determine which University administrators should handle the issue and work with that individual to ensure that the grievance is investigated and, if the grievance is determined to be valid, that any appropriate actions to resolve the grievance are taken.
  5. TheVice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students will maintain a record of all grievances addressed through this process.
Last updated: 11/01/2023