Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing I: Fundamentals

This course is designed to assist students to apply the nursing process to foundational concepts and principles of nursing care. Emphasis is placed on knowledge and comprehension of basic human needs, nurse-client interaction, cultural competence, and measures essential for the physical and psychological comfort and safety of clients across the lifespan. The nursing care of clients and families experiencing effects of aging and death and dying, as well as alterations in spiritual health and self-concept, will be explored. Medical-surgical nursing care will be introduced for clients experiencing altered health states that relate to the integumentary, neurologic, and musculoskeletal systems; fluid, electrolyte, and acid/base balance; and chronic illnesses. Three (3) hours of theory, eight (8) hours of clinical, and one (1) hour of skills lab are required per week. Corequisites: NSG 235 Health Assessment and NSG 240 Pathopharmacology I.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credit hours: 6
Lecture hours: 3
Lab hours: 1
Practicum/Clinical/Studio/Student Teaching/Field Work/Internship hours: 8


Last updated: 08/10/2021